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We are a collective of architects, designers and scientists. We design exhibitions, events, educational tools and research platforms to visualise critical real world data across a range of immersive mixed realities.

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Dr John Zhang is an Architect, researcher and educator based in the UK. He is interested in exploring mixed reality technologies as experimental representation and museums as spaces of climate action. His work has been exhibited at Southbank Centre, COP26 and the Royal Academy. He was the co-curator of ‘DoubleTake’, a series of talks, screenings, and performative presentations at the Hong Kong Architecture Biennial 2015. He teaches and researches architecture at the University of Westminster. He is the director of London-based architecture practice Studio JZ. 

John Zhang


Dr Giorgia Siriaco is a Research Support Manager and Comms/Outreach Lead at the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, UCL. Embedded in the research world by day, with a background in epigenetics, she also has an active art practice and has exhibited in group and solo shows both in the USA and Europe. She studied Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, from where she holds a PhD.

Giorgia Siriaco


Jason Lynch is a marine biologist whose research adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, with the use of cutting edge photogrammetry technologies to understand the marine ecosystems. He is completing a PhD at University College London and the Institute of Zoology. 

Jason has played a critical role in providing expertise in the translation of scientific data since the founding of Datascape Realities

Jason Lynch


Prof Yanlan Mao is a Professor of Developmental Biophysics at the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, UCL. She uses interdisciplinary approaches to understand how tissues achieve their correct size, shape and complex three-dimensional architecture both during normal development and regenerative growth. Her achievements have been recognised by many awards, including the Lister Institute Research Prize, L’Oreal UNESCO Women in Science Fellowship and BSCB Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal. She studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, from where she holds a PhD.

Yanlan Mao


Lourenco Viveiros is a designer with background in advanced digital technology in architecture. He has a keen interest in digital media spatial design, virtual reality and gaming design. He has worked for Mesmerize VR, Jason Bruges, and Pilbrow & Partners. He graduated from the University of Westminster with a first class degree in Architecture, winning the graduate prize for technical design. 

Lourenco Viveiros

What We Do

We collaborate with a diverse community of scientists, museums, research institutions, NGOs, community organisations and industry partners to produce mixed reality research tools, events, exhibitions, art installations, games, and educational products. 

Our work is based on a multi-disciplinary approach to real-world data translation and visualisation using a combination of CAD, graphics, segmentation and game design platforms. Our innovative design methods allow us to transform real-world photogrammetry, microscopy imaging, and MRI scans into virtual environments, from where scientific data can be viewed, experienced and confronted from a new perspective.

Ultimately, we are interested in how mixed reality technologies, environments and experiences can be designed to communicate critical research data that are otherwise imperceptible, inaccessible or intangible. 


Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, UCL

Ben Williams, CBER, UCL

University of Westminster

Dr Katie Long, King's College London

The Grant Museum of Zoology

UCL East

ZSL Institute of Zoology 

Mars Sustainable Solutions

Riverley Primary School


The Quintin Hogg Trust

School of Architecture & Cities, University of Westminster

UCL East Public Programming Fund 

The Grant Museum of Zoology

L'Oreal Women in Science Ambassador Fund

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