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Virtual World: Corals at the Grant Museum

July 2024 - January 2025

More Info Coming Soon


World Water Day

Grant Museum 


As part of World Water Day, we hosted an afternoon of workshops where visitors could take virtual dives in a VR coral reef environment we made specially for the Grant Museum of Zoology, and make physical coral models that came to life with augmented reality flocking fish.  

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UCL East Launch


We supported our ZSL UCL based collaborator Jason Lynch and showcased our work to a wide range of audiences at the launch of the UCL East campus.


London Festival of



A 3 day exhibition showcasing the works of students from the School of Architecture and Cities at the University of Westminster, who took part in our Summer School programme to co-create and re-design coral restoration structures. 

See more here.

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UCL East / Riverley School Engagement Exhibition


We will be showcasing work co-created with the children at Riverley Primary School in Waltham Forest, London on the 14th of June 2024 at UCL East's Marshgate building community room.

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Royal Institute

Climate Innovation Day


As part of climate innovation day, our team member Lourenco and Jason were invited to speak about our work bringing vital climate data to a wider audience through the use of immersive technologies.

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Createch Exhibition 


A conference on creative use of fabrication techniques and digital design processes. We presented our on going work to visualise coral data through VR and took part in an exhibition. 

See more here.

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Science Museum

Create Lates


Explore the beautiful evidence of damage and repair in virtual reality. From virus to cells, organs to coral reefs, immerse yourself in the world unseen. We will be at the Science museum with a range of VR and projected content for visitors to experience and try, curated around the theme of damage and repair.

See more here


Reef Conservation UK

Annual Conference 


We presented our work at the RCUK Annual Conference in Newcastle, where we demonstrated our VR content to a specialist audience of coral reef researchers from around the world. 


Planet Summer 

South Bank Centre


Our coral reef VR was part of a family workshop day where children made physical models of coral from recycled materials and then tried on our VR headsets to experience what it feels to swim amongst the corals in Indonesia. See more here.

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